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Plaintiffs’ Motion for Class certification


  1. Points and Authorities in Support of Motion for Class Certification
  2. Trial Management Plan
  3. Declaration of John Michael Jensen
  4. Request for Judicial Notice
  5. CalPERS’_Opposition_to_Plaintiffs’_Class_Certification_Motion_20180330135854 (1) searchable
  6. Plaintiffs’ Reply in Support of Motion for Class Certification, 4-27-18
  7. Plaintiffs’ Supplemental Brief re Motion for Class Certification
  8. First Jensen Declaration
  9. Second Jensen Declaration
  10. CalPERS’ Supplemental Brief
  11. Calpers’_Supplemental_Compendium_of_Evidence_in_Support_of_Opposition_to_Plaintiffs’_Class_Certification_Motion_Cheung_Declarat_20180912120153 searchable
  12. Notice of waiver of confidentiality, refiling of plaintiffs’ chart-1
  13. Evidentiary objections re declarations of Fox, Horton, Dziubek
  14. Evidentiary objections re depo testimony of plaintiffs, cities
  15. Motion to strike
  16. Request for Statement of Decision, 11-5-18
  17. bc461887 Minute Order taking under submission


Prior Writ of Mandate re Breach of Fiduciary Duties

  1. Writ of Mandate, Prohibition, Certiorari and Other Extraordinary Relief